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Undiscovered Asia

by Mika Revell

September 13th, 2017

We've taken you around the globe, highlighting some of the best beach destinations and some timeless European Travel tips. Now, we take a trip off the beaten path to the hidden ends of the earth in Asia. If you are an experienced traveller, or looking for a brand new experience, Asia is an endlessly exciting and fascinating travel hot spot. From Japan to Thailand, the Philippines to Malaysia, this vast and varied continent will never cease to amaze you.

Much like Europe, the tropical waters are littered with small islands and nearby day trips across Southeast Asia. Monkey sightings, temples, and exotic food markets abound. Take a ferry down the coast of Vietnam or hike through the temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. You will surely be amazed at the diversity and kindness of the many different cultures of Asia.

Perfect if you're on a budget or even if you have money to splurge, Southeast Asia is notorious for being incredibly inexpensive. High end hotels and fine dining are quite affordable in most parts of Southeast Asia but still have the same class and elegance of the best international resorts. Check out Umphang, Thailand a spectacular drive south of Mae Sot, where you can visit the Wildlife Sanctuary and three level waterfall, Tee Lor Su. Most of Southeast Asia is best seen in November, after the end of their rainy season. Stay at a local village guest house or a beautiful resort, many of which offer tours, trekking and rafting.

Fly or take a train across some of the most untouched hillsides of Burma, Laos, or Cambodia and enjoy a trip unlike any other. Travel along the Mekong river in a chartered boat and experience some of Cambodia’s beautiful watery sunsets. You may even encounter the rare freshwater Irrawaddy dolphin along your journey. Remember to try local delicacies like deep fried scorpions or avoid the tourist traps of Bangkok entirely. You can find deals on local bus trips and floating markets, but be sure to book through your hotel or guest house to be safe.

Whether you are planning to visit an exotic destination this year or just hopping somewhere to escape the Autumn and Winter, make sure to check out the amazing travel features on Piggeeback. From all your trip essentials to travel and hotels, you always earn commissions no matter what you buy. We know you have a busy life and we believe that everyone deserves a break. Take a spin of the globe and Bon Voyage from Piggeeback!

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