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The Piggeeback Story

by Rebecca Bertone

April 11th, 2017

Have you ever seen a product on the Internet, wanted it, but couldn’t find it? Has a friend ever shared something that you had to have, but had no idea where to get it? Wish you could earn rewards or commissions from purchases, without having to apply for a specific credit card? These are a few of the ideas that helped Piggeeback come to life.


The Revell brothers grew up in New Zealand, with a passion for music. They moved to Los Angeles to pursue their careers, eventually working for all the big names in the in film, television, and music industries, and winning multiple awards.


During this time, the popularity of online shopping increased, along with the rise in social media sharing. They noticed that visual content trends were exploding and wondered if there was a way to combine all of it into a 1simple solution that would add monetary benefits for everyone involved. With these thoughts in mind, the pair brought the idea to life. They quickly began developing what we know today as Piggeeback.


The platform is built on two simple concepts: people are already shopping online, and they love to share their favorite things on social media. With Piggeeback, you can create collections of your favorite items and share them with your friends. You can also purchase any of these items directly from the retailer. Ready for the best part? If you or anyone else purchase an item from your collection on Piggeeback, you make a commission!


Get rewarded for the things you do every day. Have you started your first collection yet?

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