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Summer Guide Series Part 1: Lions and Tires and Chairs, Oh My!

by Mika Revell

May 17th, 2017


Nothing screams summer like an exotic vacation, but once a year just isn't enough! So we've put together the best summer guide to packing it all in. The greatest ideas for a weekend away, a day at the beach or a Girls Glamping trip are all right here. If you need to get away this summer and want to get the most out of your mileage, check out the best tips, tricks and products to make this season unforgettable. 


Our top picks and must haves for this summers last minute road-trips, desert drives and mountain adventures.

Packing for a vacation is tricky, especially if you have little ones or want to get away on short notice. We've taken some of the guesswork out of the equation for you and paired it down to the essentials. Whether you're on your way to Yosemite National Park or to the Florida beaches, it's always helpful to have a “get-away” bag packed and ready to go! We're always checking out our friends latest trips and exotic destinations on social media, planning our next escape, so why not stock up on travel staples?! Hop on Piggeeback and create a collection of all the things you'll need for your weekend away, save time and earn cash rewards! 

On a sunny day, grab a solar backpack and head to the great outdoors. These backpacks feature a panel that will charge your phone and all your electronics, wherever you are. Throw in a mini flashlight and a portable speaker, and you're prepared for whatever the open road holds. These fast drying, anti-microbial towels from Eco Dept. are perfect for a day outside, just don't forget the sunscreen!

Camping lanterns, chairs and a stove are always great to have handy if you're heading off the beaten path. This camping cook-wear kit comes with practically everything but the kitchen sink. Compact tents and pop-up shades or umbrellas are great for every destination, especially if you're with the kiddos. These tipis are an unbelievably cute and make for a fun way to camp, or even entertain, in the back yard. Now all you need are some friends, good food, and away you go! 

Don't forget your sunglasses or your sense of adventure. The rest is in the bag! Just spice up your off-road experience with some ginger beer cocktails (or mocktail if you're driving) or an inflatable pool and we're pretty sure you've got it all! With these essentials always in your car, you are prepared for any weekend or road trip at the drop of the hat. Check out our Road Trip collection for everything we mentioned here. We believe in enjoying your time and using it how you want, even if a trip to Hawaii isn't in the cards. So gas up the car and hit the road, the wilderness and open sky is all yours this summer!

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