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Planning Your Dream Wedding

by Rebecca Bertone

May 4th, 2017

They say your wedding is one of the best days of your life, filled with so much love and joy (and a gorgeous dress!). Planning it, though, can be a different story. Lucky for you, there’s Piggeeback to help take all the negative right out of your special day and give you cash rewards in the process.

Piggeeback collections work like your dream wedding Pinterest board, because, let’s be honest, everyone has one. You can create as many as you’d like, search through thousands of items, and save them to their designated collections. It helps keep you organized and allows you to get everything you need, without leaving home.

Coordinate with your wedding planner by creating a “Wedding Day Decor” collection, filled with everything to make your day look like you always dreamed. Sync up with your bridal party with a “Bride Tribe” collection. Even if your girls live across the country, they’ll be able to get their hands on selected shoes and jewelry so there aren’t any surprises in your wedding photos. Plan your honeymoon outfits with a “Honeymooning in Style” collection so you can show off to your new hubby.

Collections can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Invite your bride tribe to join you on Piggeeback, where they can follow you to keep up. They can even create their own collections to offer suggestions or keep you in the loop about the bachelorette party your MOH is throwing you.

Your collections act as your virtual bulletin board, planner, and online mall, all in one. Eliminate the chance for unexpected surprises. Don’t stress over buying everything at once for fear you won’t remember where you saw it. Make your dream wedding vision clear, all by creating and sharing a collection for every event. The best part is that you earn cash rewards for everything purchased from your collections. So go buy that new bikini for your honeymoon or snag those shoes for your wedding shower. You earned it, with Piggeeback!

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