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Kitchen Gadgets for a Healthy Lifestyle

by Rebecca Bertone

July 25th, 2017

You know what’s more important than a “bikini body?” Your health. Seriously. Without your health, what do you really have?

Don’t get us wrong, we want to look good, strutting our stuff in our new bikinis...but we want to feel good and know we’re healthy too. Look good, feel good. Am I right?

We’ve been testing out some fun kitchen gadgets that make cooking, and eating, healthy a lot easier and a whole lot more fun! Check out our Kitchen Gadgets for a Healthy Lifestyle collection for all of our favorite gadgets in one place.

They say that water is the elixir of life, and we can’t disagree with whoever “they” are. Drinking enough water throughout the day leaves you feeling hydrated, clear headed, and energized. It’s not always easy trying to get in enough water, so we invested in a few, fun infusers to keep us drinking all day long...water, that is. The mini water infusers from Sistema are perfect to toss into any water bottle. Fresh, summer berries are our current fav, and these are perfect for them. If you’re trying to get your whole house or office on the water train, the Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher holds up to 93 oz and enough fruit and veggies to flavor the whole thing. Try starting a water drinking challenge in the office to keep everyone on track during these hot, summer months.

Speaking of the office, who brings their lunch to work? We do! It helps us pack in the nutrients and save money for more important things...like shoes and vacation. If you tend to toss whatever you’re bringing for lunch into your work bag, try packing it in a mason jar. Cuppow canning jar lunchbox adaptors are the perfect thing for bringing yogurt and granola, hummus and veggies, cereal and milk, or salad with dressing. They screw right on the top of a mason jar to keep everything from getting soggy. Genius. If you’re more of a lunch box type of person, LunchBlox are everything.They snap right on to one another and come with an ice pack that attaches right to the bottom. The portion control with these containers is perfect and you can easily pack them ahead of time and throw them in the fridge, making meal prepping a breeze.

Dinner time can be tricky. You’re home, you’ve had a long day, and a huge bowl of comfort food is just what the doctor ordered. Our go-to? PASTA! Keep it in check with Healthy Steps Portion Control Basket. It’s a measuring cup, cooking gadget, and strainer all in one. Perfect for making just enough for yourself, or measuring our portions for guests. If you’re avoiding pasta, or taking advantage of the fresh summer produce, try veggie noodles! The Zoodle Slicer is a great, small gadgets that turns all kinds of veggies, like zucchini and carrots, into spaghetti-like strands. We love our zoodles with pesto. Give us all the summer flavors. Delish!

Speaking of pesto, we totally splurged recently and bought a Vitamix. Have you guys tried this thing? AMAZING. We’ve been whipping up gazpacho, almond milk, green juice, and salad dressings for days. If the Vitamix isn’t quite in your budget, check out the Ninja and Nutribullet. These speciality blenders were created with health in mind, allowing you to liquefy veggies for green juice and emulsify olive oil for salad dressings. They also make a killer bulletproof coffee...if we do say so ourselves.  

Slow cooking things is another way to build incredible flavor and seal in nutrients. There’s no better kitchen gadget than the tried and true Croc Pot. They’ve come a long way from your Grandma’s old, nearly unrecognizable version. Our favorite has multiple heat settings, an automatic timer, and comes with a dip warmer for dips and gravies. This thing comes in handy when you know you have a long day ahead of you and want to avoid the drive-thru on the way home. Total life saver. Another slow cooking, automatic, have-dinner-ready-when-you-get-home favorite is the rice cooker. It perfectly cooks brown rice (because crunchy rice is gross rice) or even cauliflower rice. Like the Croc Pot, it has multiple settings, depending on what you put in it, and can also slow cook soup all day.

No matter the season, there are plenty of kitchen gadgets to help you keep your health top of mind. So, go on a kitchen shopping spree and get to cooking. No more excuses now!

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