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Festival Fashion 2017

by Mika Revell

April 26th, 2017

These days it doesn't matter where you live, music festivals have taken over the world. From Bonaroo to Ultra, we've got the best collections of what to wear and how to stay cool out there all summer! This year, our favorite artists and DJs gave us a sneak peak at 2017’s hottest festival trends at Coachella. Here are our top picks and favorite styles that are great ways to personalize your festival fashion all season long.

21 year old artist, Kehlani, is one of our hottest picks of 2017. She treads the line of pop goddess and B Girl. The California grown girl, loves to pair structured bustier tops, boyfriend jeans and sneakers. She rocks the perfect combinations of sexy, tomboy trends. Her debut album was released in January of this year, entitled SweetSexySavage, and we couldn't describe this “casual but killing-it” look any better.

Leading lady, Yukimi Nagano, of Little Dragon hit the stage this year in a neon pink veil and tailored black dress, with plastic piping a'la Björk. Yukimi Nagano performingHer signature avant-garde style may not be your everyday look, so try getting crafty with a patterned scarf for a bright, bold pop! Try out a top with an asymmetrical neckline or a vintage men's shirt with your favorite maxi skirt. Mix and match some funky, floral prints, chunky costume jewelry with denim shorts and you'll be comfortable, artsy and ready to dance off into the sunset.

Whether you're on the shores of Ibiza or hitting the streets of Texas, we know your outfit must be on point and, most of all, functional for every adventure. Check out Piggeeback's Festival Fashion Collection for some great ways to customize your style and stay within your budget. We've put together some capsule collections too, to help you create a flawless wardrobe by fusing unique, personalized pieces with perfect basics.

Kick off this festival season with Piggeeback and create your favorite collection! Make sure to share it with us and all of your friends. Remember, whenever you or anyone else shops through your Piggeeback collections, you earn cash rewards! So, pack your bags, turn up the tunes, and let's get it poppin’!

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