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Capsule Wardrobes

by Mika Revell

April 20th, 2017

Fashion stylists agree that you don't need a celebrity budget to look flawless. All it takes are a few classic pieces to mix and match, and you can't go wrong. We checked out some of the fashion world’s most timeless pieces and paired down our wardrobe to just the essentials. These Capsule Collections can be anywhere between a dozen to thirty of the most crucial fashion staples that never go out of style.

Instead of filling your closet with clothes you aren't quite sure about, that don't fit right, or you’ll only wear once, you can perfect the simplest and most stylish wardrobe from just a select few pieces.  leaning against railing in fashionable clothingThrow on those skinny black jeans that were made for you, a white t-shirt that fits like a glove, polished off with a pair of simple diamond studs, and your wardrobe will exude effortless style. For any occasion, find the best basics, like that collared dress shirt, denim jacket or pair of Converse, and you will always have the perfect outfit. Keep it under thirty items and you'll never look back.

Check out some of the Capsule Collections we’ve created for spring and summer to help get you started creating your own classic wardrobes. Remember, when you buy directly through your collection, you earn cash rewards! Don’t forget that you also earn rewards when others buy from your collection, or when purchased are made from items collected from you. Voila! Your personal style blog is transformed to a store! Great advice on how to look put together and you get paid! What could be better?

Trust the jeans of James Dean and the little black dress of Miss Coco Chanel, true style doesn't have to be complicated and now, shopping doesn't either. So save all your fashion staples on Piggeeback and earn cash rewards for shopping and sharing! Don't worry, this offer isn't just for the latest summer styles. You earn commission every time your collected items are purchased! So, don’t stop after you create your dream closet collection. Save your wedding day decor items, shoes and jewelry for your bridal party, decorations for your birthday bash, and apartment decor for your next move.

Keep it all in one place and ditch the stress of planning!

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