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All Across Europe

by Mika Revell

September 6th, 2017

For those looking for some inspiration, hop on over to the heart of art history; Western Europe. When you book your holiday travel, check on Piggeeback for great deals and inspiration and save your extra cash for croissants!

Lots of us think a trip to Europe takes months of planning and a stack of cash. Piggeeback helps you rethink travel, altogether. Trains and cheap domestic airlines are easy to book and more affordable online and through Piggeeback. Check into your vintage hotel in Paris and check out some of the greatest collections of art in the world, then take a quick train ride to St. Malo in the north or head south to Nice. These quiet seaside towns have some of the most incredible ancient ruins and authentic coastal cuisine. Once you've done your loop of Paris, don't underestimate the charm of France's smaller towns. All along a trail of Gothic and Baroque architecture, enjoy the best wine and produce on the Mediterranean shore and famous butter in the north along the English Channel.

Just a short train journey to Belgium, Amsterdam, or Berlin will take you on a tour through the countryside. The Pergamon Museum in Berlin is a must see, featuring the best touring exhibitions, just a walk away from beautiful canal side eateries and parks. Take a train to the Netherlands and cycle through the old streets of Amsterdam and enjoy gelato beside swan filled ponds and willow trees. Local street art and antique fa├žades clash together in this progressive city, harmoniously creating a new creative landscape. Stroll the streets of a southern French town or indulge your inner culture vulture with endless galleries, famous architectural sites, and traditional dining experiences.