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A New Community

by Mika Revell

April 17th, 2017

Piggeeback offers cash rewards for collecting, styling and sharing your favorite things.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Self, I should really get paid for having such great taste”? Now you can! Piggeeback provides a fun, rewarding way to shop and share the products you love, online. Get access to great deals and discounts, while earning a commission on every purchase. This free site saves your favorite items with a single click, and allows you to share and shop with friends. It takes just seconds to create a personalized collection that showcases your unique style and interests.

Piggeeback lets you:

    • Collect and purchase products directly online.

    • Browse through a wide variety of products from leading sites.

    • Earn cash commissions on items purchased from your collections.

    • Connect with friends on Piggeeback and share your collections to other social platforms.

    • Get even more out of online deals and sales!

Piggeeback is a new community that lets you shop your favorite stuff, all in one place. You can browse and buy everything from fashion to travel to essentials for your home. It’s fun to collect everything you love in one convenient place and unlike other sites; Piggeeback pays you a cash percentage when anyone buys an item from your collections, even you!

If you're a makeup addict, shopaholic or you simply love style, Piggeeback is the perfect place to save money and share with your followers. Now it's easy to market anything you use, love or crave to all your friends. What will you collect first?

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