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About Piggeeback

Hi! We’re Piggeeback! A fun, new way to earn cash rewards for doing the things you already do, every day.

Piggeeback began as the brainchild of two brothers from New Zealand. The brothers, one an economics major turned musician, the other an engineer, were both highly creative and pragmatic. The duo worked together for many years, excelling in their talents, but always striving to do more. In 2008, the world’s economic crisis affected individuals all over the globe. The financial decisions of a select few people had devastating results on the lives of so many. The brothers were overwhelmed by this reality and decided to work on what they know could become a solution. Once again, they combined their skills, pulled together a small team, and Piggeeback was born!

Today, we’re a group of Millennials and Gen Zers, based throughout the United States, who are on a mission to share how Piggeeback can help give you a lift when you need it. Our goal is to help people around the globe earn a little financial independence and have some fun in the process! People often use the phrase, “just another drop in the bucket,” to describe the impact that one tiny act can have on the world. At Piggeeback, we believe that no matter how small your actions, the ripple effect can be exponential. This idea is engrained in everything we do, recognizing all the users that help each other out. We believe in our Piggeeback community and want to provide a way for everyone, everywhere, to be part of it.

Piggeeback works like a combination of a bulletin board, a social media platform, and an online shopping network. It allows you to browse through products from nearly every category, save them to your collections, and purchase or share them. Whenever an item from your collection is purchased, you earn a cash reward! If you score that scarf you collected, you’re earning! If your friend buys that blouse she saw in the collection you shared, you’re earning then too! The Piggeeback community helps each other out by “piggeebacking” off one another. When you collect an item from your friend’s collection, and the item is purchased, you both earn a cash reward. It pays to be friendly!

Not only is Piggeeback an awesome way to help each other out, it’s just down right smart spending! It’s like a cash back credit card, without the hassle of applying or stress of affecting your credit score. We shop and share nearly every day. It’s time someone rewarded you for it!

From the couch to a country! We want to show you how you can make a global difference from your sofa. We know how addicting online shopping can be, so we created this platform to make that fun, profitable and constructive. So, if Mom snags you those sneakers from your birthday wish list, you get a reward added to your piggeebank. If you purchase that purse from your best friend’s collection that percentage goes straight to them.

With Piggeeback, we hope that by putting in our two cents on helping each other out, we can help spread the wealth. We know how hard earned a dollar can be and we invite you to join us in the smart spending revolution. Let's pay it forward, together!

The Piggeeback Team